PREORDER Which Way the Wind Blows: The Music of Anthony Phillips

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PREORDER Which Way the Wind Blows: The Music of Anthony Phillips


Rocking Horse Music Club presents the music of Anthony Phillips. Features special guests Steve Hackett, John Hackett, Noel McCalla, Nick Magnus, John Helliwell, Kate St. John, and others.


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Rocking Horse Music Club presents the music of original Genesis guitarist Anthony Phillips on the new album, Which Way the Wind Blows. Here is a track-by-track summary of the album with comments from producer Brian Coombes:

Um & Aargh (originally from Sides)

Our take on Ant’s new wave/prog pop song from 1979… reminds me of Squeeze meets the Cars, with a touch of Genesis thrown in. Features Patrik Gochez on lead vocals.

Paperchase (originally from Wise After the Event)

Dreamy 12 string guitars and mellotron feature heavily on this one, along with a wonderful vocal from Justin Cohn. It sounds like something Genesis would have done circa 1976.

Which Way the Wind Blows (originally from The Geese & the Ghost)

We took Ant’s beautiful acoustic song, gave it a slight R&B feel, and then added an epic prog rock climax.  This one features Noel McCalla (the lead singer on Mike Rutherford’s Smallcreep’s Day) on lead vocals and legendary Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett on the ending guitar solo. Where else can you hear Messrs. McCalla and Hackett performing together on an Anthony Phillips song?

Silver Song (originally from Sides remaster)

Silver Song was originally intended as a single from 1973, featuring Mike Rutherford and Phil Collins. Our version features the incomparable Nick Magnus on the ending keyboard solo.

Something Blue (originally from Invisible Men remaster)

We were looking for a song for Evelyn Cormier to sing on the project. Ant and I looked through his catalog of unfinished and/or unreleased songs and presented a few to Evelyn. She loved Something Blue. Her sultry vocal delivery led us down a smooth-jazz path with the arrangement that also features the amazing talents of Wesley Thurber on trumpet and Jeremy Harman on cello.

Pulling Faces (originally from Wise After the Event)

This is one of my favorite productions on the record. The rhythm section performed brilliantly, Mike McAdam and Myron Kibbee played some great stuff, and Justin delivered a killer vocal. The song also features Steve Anderson from the Room on lead guitar. Mike and I toured with Steve back in the 1990s when he was with Grey Lady Down and we were in Tristan Park, so this collaboration was a cool virtual reunion.

Collections (originally from The Geese & the Ghost)

Just like Which Way the Wind Blows, we simply couldn’t leave Ant’s beautiful song alone. The chord progression led us into Beatles territory, so we embraced that vibe. This one is really singer/pianist Pat Gochez’s arrangement and features members of his band on drums and bass. Also worthy of note is Myron Kibbee’s slide guitar and the choral background vocals.